Victoria Sergeenko is a highly professional and skilled musician, composer, arranger, performing artist, and music educator. Her broad fundamental musical education combined with her family background from jazz music makes her feel at home in almost any music genre. She makes arrangements for orchestra and song ensembles in various styles. Victoria has done a lot of work with different music technologies and studio mixing. She plays the piano and she sings in many a'cappella groups which she leads.

Victoria's composition work has rendered her the membership of the Association of Finnish Composers (Suomen Säveltäjät ry). Her style as a music educator is kind and motivational. She has earned awards for educating children in music, and she is highly appreciated by adults as an ensemble leader.                                      



               "Victoria Sergeenko extracts resources of new imagery and language from the deep layers of folklore: the principles of monody and modality, the freedom of the sound vertical, the dominance of ostinato, motive variability; her neofolklore interests are combined with the latest experimental musical techniques. "

—  Music Science Today