born 1.4.1974

Petrozavodsk, Russia

composer, musician,



Petrozavodsk State Concervatoire by A. Glasunov Music
Composition and Music Theory / composer, music educator.



Music composer, arranger

Art director of music projects and festivals
Music educator: classes of composition and improvisation, workshops, seminars, developing
methods, interactive programs

Music performance: pianist, singer - solo and in bands

Design: music notation and sound edition, engineering, web design, publishing

Team leading: Pop-jazz department, youth recording studio, choir and band leader

Music expert and a member of music competitions jury

Music software for Windows and Mac: Sibelius, Finale, Logic, Propellerhead Reason, Abletone Live, Steinberg Cubase, Adobe, FL Studio.

Web development


English - very good command

Russian - native speaker

Finnish - basic communication skills

The Laureate of the All-Russian Competition of Composers  (under support of UNESCO)    Moscow 1999

The Laureate of the New Karelian Music Competition  "XXl KOMPOZITION"    Petrozavodsk  2007

Best Art and Music School Teacher of Russian Federation  Moscow 2010


as an organizer and participant:

"Music My Soul" The Open Young Composer Festival 2005-2012, composition workshops.

Popular lectures "The profession of composer today", "Composition and improvisation in music school", "Media technologies for music teachers", practical seminars "Music Architecture", "Music Role in Dance Peformance", "To Start a Soundtrack".

"Opus 1" Practical conference for music teachers. V. Sergeenko "Early diagnostics of beginning composer's skills", "The method of teaching composition in music school".

Karelian Institute of Pedagogical Qualification.  Theoretico-practical seminar «Modern technologies for teachers».  V. Sergeenko "The system of music notation Sibelius"

The International Music Barents Theatre. 5 days seminar. Workshops, music supervision.

Petrozavodsk National Theatre

Karelian Center of Creative Development "VYHOD"

Vantaan Musiikkiopisto

writers: Armas Mishin (Karelia-Finland), Janusz Leon Wisniewski (Poland)

dance artist: Silvia Verges (Spain-Finland)

artists: Sergey Terentjev (Petrozavodsk)

composers: Heikki Sarmanto (Finland)

in bands: Bianca Morales, Artto Takalo, Sam Huber, Manuel Dunkel, Teppo Salakka, Pentti Lasanen,  Heikki Sarmanto, Pekka Sarmanto, Ioanna Tzanakaki

as a pianist in Grani Big Band participated in concerts with famous Finnish and Swedish soloists:

Johanna Iivanainen, Pentti Lahti, Gunhild Carling Erno Tiittanen, Jay Kortehisto, Marian and Mihai Petrescu, Sanni Orasmaa, Tero Saarti, Sam Huber, Manuel Dunkel, Ulf Johansson-Werre, Charlotta Kerbs, Jepa Lambert and others.







Espoo International School, H&S International School / music class teacher, instructor     

Vantaan Aikuisopisto (Vantaa, Finland) / choir director       

Creastudio Marktree ry / art director, music teacher                                                        

Familylandia Art and Music School (Helsinki)  / music teacher                                           

Vantaan Musiikkiopisto (Vantaa, Finland) / choir conducting                                               

Vocal Jazz Band "Boulevardin Taxi" (Helsinki, Finland) / jazz band choir conducting        

Petrozavodsk State Concervatoire (Karelia, Russia) / lecturer                                             

Petrozavodks Music College / teacher, jazz department team leader                             

Petrozavodsk Children Music and Choir School / teacher,  pianist,  recording studio 


The Ministry of Culture of the Respublic of Karelia / educational method specialist,

publishing department

The School of Arts and Creative Developments (Karelia, Russia) / music teacher,             

interactive art programs developer

The Creative Palace of Youth (Karelia, Russia) / pianist - accompanist                                                 

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«Les aquarelles du printemps» for piano. Performed at the WORD FREEDOM FORUM in Helsinki in presence of Finnish president Sauli Niinistö (2016)


«The Story About Fishers and a Fish» The International Music Barents Theatre: Russia, Finland, Norway, Denmark  (2006)

«Winter in Childhood», Cantata for Choir, Piano and String Orchestra on poems by A. Tarkovsky . Performed at the EMJ Music Festival in Neerpelt, Belgium and at the International Choral Competition in Tampere, Finland (2004-05)

Performance «Repast Ceremony on Mozart»  International project with participation of the Center of Cultural Initiatives «Vyhod» , The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, The Society of Russian and German Friendship «East-West» Performed in Bauhaus Art Institute, Dessau, Germany (2003) (Fond Ford Foundation)