Music Victoria Sergeenko, Libretto Armas & Olga Mishin,

Idea and production by Sergey Terentjev

Libretto is based on Karelian national poetry

Opera is performed in Karelian language

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demo video version of the opera is provided  by

Media Center Vyhod


This project is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Center for Cultural Initiatives and implemented in partnership with the A.K. Petrozavodsk State Conservatory named by  A. Glazunov.

The “Golden Maiden” media opera is an innovative performance combining the folklore traditions of Karelia and modern media technologies. It is based on the author's libretto by Armas Mishin based on Karelian and Ingermanland folk poetry.

Composer - Victoria Sergeenko. "Golden Maiden" is the first opera in the Karelian language, it is also unique in using a specially created computer program translating visual images into sound ones, as well as an innovative approach to the classical traditions of musical theater.

The author of the project and production designer is Sergey Terentyev, the director of the performance is Vasily Zarzhetsky (St. Petersburg), the choreographer is Irina Novik.

The performance includes the Nord-West Studium chamber orchestra conducted by Eduard Zonderer and the Academic Choir of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory conducted by Yevgeny Guryev.