Next International Festival-Competition of Young Composers

"Music - my soul",  named after A.S. Beloborodov will be held

February 17-th to 22-d, 2020 in the internet format.

In 2020 young composers, musicologists and artists can take

part in the festival-competition.

Competitive areas:

  • composition (academic music)

  • musicology

  • art

The theme of the festival this year: "MUSIC AND ART"

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Dear teachers, parents and young musicians!
We invite you to take part in the International Festival - Competition of young composers and musicologists "Music - my soul" named after Alexander Beloborodov, national Karelian composer and professor.

The festival was founded in 1997 at the Children's Music and Choral School of Petrozavodsk. Since 2001, it has been held every two years. This is the only festival in Karelia dedicated to children's composition. Since the beginning of the 2000 Victoria Sergeenko had been art directing the Festival and still is one of the honored members of Jury.  For almost twenty years of existence, the traditional academic competition has developed into an unique festival and educational venue with the support of the Russian Union of composers and city administration. The competition gave a powerful impetus to the development of composition, improvisation, children's musicology, media technologies in music schools, popularized children's music and music for children, and revealed the significance and role of the composer's profession in a variety of topics. As part of this movement, there was also held a training seminar for musicians and teachers "Opus 1" during which methods for diagnosing gifted children and teaching the subject of composition were researched.

Every year the festival-competition is less and less a competition and more and more becomes an academy of creativity for its participants. In 2011, the festival acquired the status of All-Russian, and in 2014 - International. In 2017, the festival was named after the famous composer, teacher, honored artist of the Russian Federation A.S. Beloborodov. Since 2018, the festival - competition will be held every year.


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