Dear Friends!

      Greetings to the musical project "Piano Millennium".

We are glad to introduce you to our first music note digital edition for beginning pianists, which we hope, will transform to a series of books in the nearest future. The music for this book was happily suggested by our piano students, basically kids. You will be surprised to see many songs that you already know or see in internet in other versions. We arranged and adopted them with love and collected in this edition.

There is a funny mix of famous evergreen tunes in different genres: folk, classical, jazz, pop, music from movies and TV and computer games. Millenium kids together with a newer Generation Z choose this kind of music to learn piano.  38 easy piano tunes made specially for you!

Now all you need is to sign up with your e-mail and you will get a free digital book soon!

Enjoy!            Victarain                                                                  

Thanks for your interest!