"Odyssey Books" - personal exhibition of Sergey Terentyev

Vernissage - October 20 (Thursday) 2011 at 16:00
On the opening day will be performed for the first time the music of Victoria Sergeenko - "Song 8-459-458.
Music for a duet of woodwinds "

The new project of the artist Sergei Terentyev is the author’s collection of works on the Greek theme embodied in clay, metal, textiles, digital and sound. The basis of this project is an attempt to project Homeric texts today, on the private life of modern people, whose actions and destinies often echo the stories of Odysseus, Penelope, Athens, Nausikai and other mythological images. Returning to the original function of the epic text, as an oral form of transmitting information, the artist exposes messages from centuries ago to multiple coding - translation into the language of new technologies and contemporary art.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 55-th anniversary of the artist.


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